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CISO Stories Podcast (Audio)

May 18, 2021

We have limited investment dollars and therefore must ensure we are protecting the right assets. The practical side of determining “what” needs to be protected and “how” is a convoluted maze of academics, taxonomies, frameworks, and inconsistent approaches. Here we discuss 5 critical elements to make a difference by developing and effective Critical Asset Protection Program (CAPP).


To view the article from the CISO COMPASS Book that sparked this interview, please visit:


Cloutier, R. 2019. Critical Cyber Asset Protection Planning—Learning Concepts and Operational Imperatives for Protecting What Needs to be Protected. In CISO COMPASS: Navigating Cybersecurity Leadership Challenges with Insights from Pioneers, 1st Ed, pgs 148-150. Fitzgerald, T. CRC Press, Boca Raton, Fl.


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