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CISO Stories Podcast

Jul 30, 2021

A recent global research report conducted by Cybereason, titled "Ransomware: The True Cost to Business", revealed that the vast majority of organizations that have suffered a ransomware attack have experienced significant impact to the business, including loss of revenue, damage to the organization’s brand, unplanned workforce reductions, and little in the way of relief from cyber insurance policies.

An esteemed panel of subject matter experts will examine the research findings and discuss how organizations can better prepare to defend against and respond to a ransomware attack.

The event was produced as a live webinar version of the CISO Stories Podcast, a weekly podcast that takes a deep dive on security leadership issues and is produced by Cybereason and the CyberRisk Alliance’s Cybersecurity Collaborative, a prominent CISO networking group.


Show Notes:

View the Cybereason Ransomware Report here:

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