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CISO Stories Podcast (Audio)

May 7, 2024

Security is both overcooked and underdeveloped at the same time, and we keep doubling down on insanity. Our own community is at great fault for pushing fear and ignoring service, leading to consistent, negative experiences for all other stakeholders in the organization - and ultimately the CISOs themselves. "Do more cyber" never had, does not, and never will lead to better outcomes, yet this is all everyone is talking about. The trifecta of fear (we fear it, we don't understand it, we know we must have it) is used effectively by vendors to drive an ever-increasing wedge into IT budgets, even as the actual utilization ratio of security tools is precipitously low (my estimate is 5%). Frustration abounds, the CISO job is a revolving door, and nobody's happy. Now the regulators are getting involved in all the wrong ways (see the recent SEC action against Tim Brown) - and it's entirely our fault.

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