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CISO Stories Podcast (Audio)

Sep 26, 2023

In the Fall, 2016, Uber experienced a data breach, and the CISO faced the possibility of prison time for felony obstruction and misprison for failure to report the 2016 breach. He was sentenced in May, 2023 to 3 years’ probation. Join the former CISO of Uber as we discuss the events which led to the prosecution case,...

Sep 19, 2023

MidCap enterprise security is challenge – SMB’s have all the needs of a large enterprise, but not the same large budget or army of defenders. We are also a "sweet spot" target for cybercriminals -- you have enough money to be worth some real effort, but again not a large army of defenders.

MidCap is at the front...

Sep 12, 2023

With cybersecurity emerging as a board-level agenda item, collaboration is becoming increasingly high-stakes and multifaceted. Join us as we examine the opportunities and potential pitfalls of this new era, as well as the skills needed.

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Sep 5, 2023

Skills can be evolved and provide teams with the necessary talent. Join Ralston as he shares his experiences in recruiting, rotational programs, and supporting the key players with the right support system.

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